Thursday, January 13, 2011

Pierogi Mondays

Since moving into his own place last winter, my gracious and very talented friend Chris, along with his old roommate and childhood friend Arup decided that it would be a good idea to have a bunch of us over for a night of drinks, food and collective art-making. The food of choice was pierogies and for drinks, we enjoyed some Jack followed closely by Pabst Blue and cigarettes. These meetings continued throughout the winter season, usually falling on a Monday. I don’t know who coined the term, but somehow it developed into the highly anticipated event known as Pierogie Mondays. Chris now lives with his also very talented and beautiful girlfriend Shannon. They have been kind enough to have, at times, 24 of us to their small apartment on Dundas in order to continue the tradition.

Perogie Mondays gives us something to look forward to after weekends full of hangovers (good scenario) or assignments (bad scenario). It has created a comfortable collective in which we can share our accomplishments from the week past and what we are looking forward to in the weeks to come. We can talk art, nog and the outrageous TTC situations that Rob Ford instigates. I think this weekly get-together is something that more people should be doing (at least in the winter). If you have a group of people that you care about, make them some food while obligating them bring their own beer. Put on some music without fear of dancing. Create anthems that can be sung along to. It doesn’t have to be something as significant New Years or Passover in order to find a reason to celebrate. Just celebrate each other (over whisky).