Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Thesis Direction

So I've kind of hit a wall with my thesis and I think that this is the direction I need to move in. Less reliance the moment and the quality of the print. Time to play with the memory, bring it back, recontextualize the image. This is just a test. The photo of Shaheer was actually taken at my sisters place in Montreal.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Pallbearering (for Julian Nesbitt) January 23, 2011

These images are obviously concerned with notions of death, but beyond that they are about my family (and your family) and our attempts at not forgetting those who we’ve lost. Most people would probably be disgusted at the idea that someone is taking pictures at a funeral. This attempt at photographing my family in such a difficult time is how I pay my respects. I’m thinking critically about life and love and all this in regards to the recently deceased (my great uncle Julian Nesbitt). My own grandfather, Julian’s brother in-law, took many photos of Julian in the past. This is almost a way of adding to my grandfather’s photographic timeline and my family’s history in general. I can only hope that when I die people care enough about me to take pictures at my funeral.